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Meagan Couture



Game Designer

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About Me

About Me

As a Game Designer, Producer, and Artist... 

I am passionate about working together with my fellow creatives to craft immersive experiences that captivate and engage players on an emotional level. With a diverse educational experience culminating in an MFA in Games and Interactive Media from American University, I have honed my skills in cross-functional communication and developed a versatile skill set that allows me to help bring unique ideas to life.


As a Graphic Designer and Digital Artist...

I combine my creativity and technical expertise to craft visually stunning and highly personalized designs. I enjoy the process of creating each piece just as much as I do designing the pipelines and tools to get there.

As a fan of the medium of games...

I love spending my time experiencing games old and new, analyzing what makes them work, seeing how I can break them, and theorizing on what inspirations may have gone into them. When I am not making games myself, I'm reading about people's experiences with them, how they have been moved by them, what struggles it took to make their own. I volunteer my time on committee juries so I can give back to the industry that has given me so much whilst always seeking new inspirations.



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American University


Related Projects and Experience... 


Stony Brook University


Related Projects and Experience... 

Master of Fine Arts | Games and Interactive Media

  • Produced & co-directed a 5 member team for a 1.5 year capstone project [Scorched Earth] commenting on the climate crisis. 

  • Created the full art treatment for Heartache, a classmate's capstone project, using illustrator pattern generation to iterate through all 7 levels in less than 1 week.  

  • Prototyped 15+ game projects across digital and physical media, ranging from traditional card games to VR immersive films. 

  • Utilized my capstone project and thesis to explore ways to ethically integrate AI use in brainstorming and production. 

Bachelor of Arts | Music

Minors in Computer Science and Digital Art

  • Finalist for the 2019 SBU Games Design Competition.

  • Prolifically active member of the Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band, holding 2 leadership positions in my time.

  • Recipient of the 2020 Alumni Award Scholarship 

  • Recipient of the 2018 Theodor Presser Scholarship



Jun 2023 - Current

Related Projects and Experience... 


Aug 2020 - Current

Related Projects and Experience... 


Jul 2018 - May 2024

Related Projects and Experience... 

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Jun 2022 - May 2023

Related Projects and Experience... 


Oct 2023 - Nov 2023

Related Projects and Experience... 

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Aug 2021 - June 2022

Related Projects and Experience... 

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Co-Founder and 2D Games Artist | Gaming Gourd

​Currently working on a comedy beat 'em up game in Unreal Engine 5.

Read more about it at


  • Create concept art and mood boards for visual feel of current projects.

  • Develop pipelines to optimize iteration between art and design teams. 

  • Advise on scope and resource requirements of proposed art ideas.


  • Design and manage company branding, website, and outreach.

Co-Founder & 2D Games Artist | Gaming Gourd

Cormorant Garamond is a classic font with a modern twist. It's easy to read on screens of every shape and size, and perfect for long blocks of text.

Designer and Game Instructor | Playful City Lab

Currently ending of our 3 year grant project Engaging Beyond Our Walls.

This grant was funded by the Institute for Libraries and Museums (IMLS) and sought to help bring neighborhood games to cities and towns nationwide through libraries and public institutions using our in-house game engine, Hive Mechanic. 

Read more about it at

...or read about our lab at

Design and Testing:

  • Develop tests and template games using in-house tool Hive Mechanic.

  • Perform QA tests, bug reporting, and user-base outreach to inform feature requests and improvement proposals. 


  • Design graphic designs for both in-house and participant use, including marketing materials, game assets, website graphics, etc. 

  • Perform voice overs (V0) for template games and video guide content. 


  • Manage communications and host office hours to assist EBOW participants in learning the tool, Hive Mechanic, as well as teach game design fundamentals, host participant brainstorming, and troubleshoot project blockers. 

  • Design workshops, documentation materials, and curriculum for users of Hive Mechanic. 

Research and Production: 

  • Manage participant trackers, integrations, and materials documentation using google sheets and docs. 

  • Co-host interviews with 10+ participants and lead analysis efforts to assess overall project success. 

  • Advise on production improvements in asset management and agendas. 

Graphic Designer & Illustrator | Freelance

Freelancing position run as CoralineDarkDesigns, an online graphic designer and character illustrator who worked with small clients on brand design and character commissions. 

Art and client outreach: 

  • Delivered High-quality original designs tailored to each client's branding needs.

  • Designed logos and branding guidelines for online creatives. 

  • Designed characters, character illustrators, and portraits. 

  • Created motion graphics for video and livestreaming content. 


  • Managed personal brand's online presence through websites and social media. 

Studio Assistant | Institute for IDEAS


  • Created promo materials and report graphics for AR/VR content. 


  • Performed QA testing and bug reporting for in-house VR experiences.

Communication and Outreach: 

  • Showcased VR content at the 2023 UFVA conference - New Media section, particularly featuring the project Space Ocean Library, which I directed. 

Art Director and Associate Producer | IndieCade

In this contract role, I reprised my position as the lead graphics and motion graphics designer for the 2023 IndieCade Main Awards Festival, refreshing the suite I had generated in 2021 and programming in new layers of customizability to drastically improve its efficiency and ease of use. With the role expanding to Associate Producer I also took up a large amount of the project management and participant/partner communications, working closely with the lead producer to assure no assets were missed.  

Art - Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Video Production, etc...: 

  • Produced full multimedia suites with over 100+ assets for IC23 Awards livestream and social media presence, comprising of custom motion graphics, video overlays, edited video compilations, and more. 

  • Edited the full set of graphics treated footage used throughout the award festival's runtime. 

  • Core Programs used included: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, and the Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Production and Project Management:  

  • Managed communications and asset collection with 40+ participants, facilitating communications with our partner production company, Atomic, and assuring all required assets were received from all participants. 

  • Maintained, organized, and tracked all core visual asset libraries with the Google Drive suite, implementing color codes to assure all asset statuses were clear at a glance. 

  • Worked with lead producer to determine and fulfill all asset requirements to fill the full runtime of the Awards ceremony, keeping close communications in making sure all asset libraries and databases were up to date and on schedule at all times.


  • Programmed 7+ custom essential graphics templates using Adobe After Effects, drastically improving the efficiency of the full editing process and allowing for time to create full asset sets which were originally out of scope. This set was also able to be easily handed off to other editors following the competition of my contract, and has seen continued use for further graphic treatments since.  

  • Pipeline was further optimized using custom shortcut sets controlled using a Loupedeck CT

  • Programming Language used: Javascript - Adobe ExtendScript 

Graphics and Community Specialist | IndieCade

In this short contract role turned year long internship, I worked closely with IndieCade's core team to produce the pilot run of IC's Horizons festival in 2021. Through the internship's term, I created all of the core graphic designs and motion graphics used by IC, including all motion graphics treatments used in the 2024 Main Festival, as well at the marketing and outreach materials for IC's various events. Additionally, I created and managed the IndieCade Horizons Discord server, running several initiatives to engage the server's user base and performing viewer analysis which resulted in new events in subsequent festivals. The role culminated in the second run of IC Horizons in 2022, where I further expanded the graphics suite created the year prior. 

Art and Marketting: 

  • Designed graphic suites for 3 core festivals (Horizons 2021-2022; 2021 IndieCade Main Festival) and various other events, including the Greenlight Jam, IndieXchange, Systemic Design, and Playable Theater. 

  • Created sets of overlays, motion graphics, and frames which could be mixed and matched to keep the experience fresh and give longevity to the graphical assets.  

  • Illustrated playful server emojis and graphics to engage  each festival's viewership up to and throughout their runtimes. 

  • Designed marketing suites, including fliers, posters, gifs, and short video clips for use through social media and email campaigns. 

  • Core Programs used included: After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, the Adobe Creative Cloud, and Clip Studio Paint. 

Project Management: 

  • Managed core visual assets library using Google Drive Suite. 

Community Management and Engagement Analysis:

  • Created and moderated the IndieCade Horizons Discord Server, as well as moderated the core IndieCade server and Twitch chat. 

  • Engaged server members with chat events, such as Q&As and Discussion Boards. 

  • Analyzed overall engagement during festivals, culminating in several suggestions used in future runs of the Horizons Festivals. 





Aug 2019 - May 2020

Aug 2018 - May 2019

Student Challenge Jury | G4C

Committee Jury | IndieCade

Flute Section Leader | Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band

Field Tech | Spirit of Stony Brook Marching Band


Programs and Tools 

Programs and Tools
Adobe Creative Cloud

Core Expertise

  • After Effects

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • Photoshop

  • Premiere Pro

Some Experience

  • Animate

  • Audition

  • Fresco

  • Substance Designer 3D

  • Substance Painter 3D

Additional Art Programs
  • Blender

  • Clip Studio Paint

Google Suite
  • Docs

  • Drive

  • Forms

  • Sheets

  • Slides

Microsoft Office 365
  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • OneDrive

  • OneNote

  • Wix

  • Wordpress

  • Confluence

  • Jira

  • Trello

Additional Production Programs
  • Figma

  • Miro

  • Notion

Design and Programming
Programming Languages
  • Unity

  • Unreal

  • Construct 3

  • Hive Mechanic

  • Twine

  • Visual Studio Code

  • GitHub

AI (as part of toolbelt)
  • Github CoPilot X

  • ChatGPT

  • Midjourney

Core Expertise

  • C#

  • CSS and USS

  • Javascript

  • Mermaid JS

Some Experience

  • C++

  • HTML

  • Java

  • Python

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