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Team Rookies

Best Friend


Team Rookies

Best Friend was created during a challenging point in the lives of every team member, and served as a moment of reprieve and compassion as we reflected on the then ongoing pandemic. In a way, it was a thank you to the many pets amongst us who had provided us with laughter and stability through it all. In all of the narrative, art, and design elements, we aimed to embody the wholesome vibes they constantly deliver to us, and help the players to embark on a heartfelt journey of their own, to share in our reprieve, and to take a moment to breathe.  

  • Lead Artist - Created 12 dog character profiles and the game's opening/promotional illustration. 

  • Additional Game Designer

This project was created for the midterm project of the Writing for Interactivity course at American University. 


Tech Stack

  • Dev Platform: Twine

  • Artistic Software: Adobe Photoshop

  • Planning Workspace: Google Drive Suite

Development Time Frame - 2 weeks

Team Size - 4 

"Embark on the tails of a lifetime spent in the soul of one loyal pup."