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Team Rookies

Homeward Bound


Team Rookies

When American University opened up as a hosting location for that year's Global Game Jam, my 3 classmates and I (+1 upperclassman) would make a decision which would greatly impact the years of our lives since: we formed a team. Homeward Bound was created by Team Rookies as our entry for GGJ over the course of 2 feverish days and nights, seeing each of us pulling skills from our hats we didn't even know we had. Beyond technical skills like art, design, and programming, this testing our communication and team work in a high stress situation, which in the end we all deemed as a great success. 

My Roles (all inclusive): 

  • Artist, Animator, and Illustrator

  • Period Style Researcher

  • UI/UX designer


Tech Stack

  • Dev Platform: Construct 3

  • Artistic Software: Adobe Photoshop

  • Planning Workspace: Google Drive Suite and Microsoft Office - Word

Development Time Frame - 2 Days

Team Size - 4

"Set new stars in the night sky to find your way home."