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Project Lumos

Laser Jumper


Project Lumos

  • Project Manager - Lead team meetings, created core project documentation, and managed asset requirements, databases, and project timelines. Additionally, performed outsourcing and requirement fullfilment processes for voice acting and composition roles.  

  • Lead Artist - Designed tilemap set used to create all levels and created animations for the player character and robots.  

  • Level Designer - Level design was split between all three team members, with each of us creating at least 3. Mine, such as levels 9 and 20, are distinguished as the ones focusing on maneauvering through larger spaces and making use of deliberate falls. 

  • Mechanics Design - Originator of the core knockback mechanic, inspired by launching an ink cartridge out of its pen using its own spring. 

  • Sound Designer - Created original SFX using Audacity; Sourced, directed, and recorded player SFX (VA performed by John Joseph Salvador) 

This project was created for the final project of the Introduction to Game Design course at Stony Brook University and earned the position of finalist at the 15th Annual Stony Brook Game Design Competition in Spring of 2019. 


Tech Stack

  • Programmed using Javascript 

  • Code Editor: Eclipse

  • Web Host: Firebase App

  • Artistic Software: Adobe Photoshop

  • Level Design Software: Tiled 

  • Audio Design Workspace: Audacity

  • Planning Workspace: Google Drive Suite and Microsoft Office - Word

Development Time Frame ~ 1 month

Team Size - 3

"Use the knockback of your laser blaster to escape the factory!"