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Team Rookies



Team Rookies

For this classic adventure game-inspired journey through learning self care, I had to embrace vulnerability as I used my personal experience to guide its core design from the lead role. Through its mechanics, disguised as nothing more than your normal quest cycle, the player is made to embody the feelings of fatigue and burnout caused by neglecting to listen to their own limitations as they overload on quests and side quests. By creating these unexpected conditions in familliar settings, the player is invited to organically learn to self regulate and rest. The narrative, in turn, solidifies this understanding by putting what the player has just felt into words and encouraging them to seek balance. By its nature, the design of this game is incredibly personal to me and has continued to evolve in my mind long after its completion. My continued hope with it and any future concepts that follow  its model is that players may tap into the unique carthasis brought on only by games, to learn through play to look inwards and listen. 

  • Director and Game Designer - Designer of core concept's pitch and themes

  • Producer and Project Manager - Organized team and managed core documentation

  • Lead Artist - Lead art direction to guide visual feel; Created art and animation for enemy characters and UI sprite design

  • Level Designer - Designed the world and mechanics layout for Questaholic's demo map

  • Additional Programmer

This project was created for the Making Meaningful Games course at American University. 


Tech Stack

  • Dev Platform: Unity 2020.3 

  • Code Editor: Microsoft Visual Studio Code

  • Version Control: GitHub 

  • Artistic Software: Adobe Photoshop

  • Planning Workspace: Microsoft Office - Word and Trello

Development Time Frame - 2 weeks

Team Size - 4 

"Life's an adventure. No need to live at all once."