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Team Rookies

Sheep Game


Team Rookies

In this simple game simulating dogs herding sheep, our team turned its focus towards the backend of game design, honing our understanding of animation states and AI behaviours and learning the ins and outs of a number of programming patterns prevelent throughout game design.

  • Programming - General, split amongst the team

  • Art and 3D Modelling - Grass; Sheep model and animation 

  • Animation Technition - implementation of dog and sheep animation trees in Unity.

This project was created for the final project of the Game Design II course at American University. 


Tech Stack

  • Dev Platform: Unity 2020.3 

  • Code Editor: Microsoft Visual Studio Code

  • Version Control: GitHub  

  • Artistic Software: Blender 3D

  • Planning Workspace: Google Drive Suite

Development Time Frame - 2 weeks

Team Size - 4 

“Life is bleating”